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My name is Darren Williams and I own and operate THE ORIGINAL Liquid Illusions. A little paint shop on the south side of St.Louis, MO. Im here to tell you about a product I developed called Paint Skins.Paint Skins are a vinyl stencil mask system, for use with most sprayable paints. Yes even rattle cans. When I got into the custom painting scene it was before the big Discovery motorcycle tsunami that was about to change everything. In the beginning it was ok to use 30 rolls of masking tape to cover a bagger,  hand draw and painstakingly cut with a razor blade to get your designs down. But when things really started to get super busy in 2002, I needed to speed things up a bit. So falling back on my pseudo vinyl graphics background. I started doing most of my layouts on the computer and cut them in a plotter using a low tac vinyl stencil mask. Fast forward 12 years. I’v created some designs and put them out there to maybe inspire and help put a little more flair and depth into your paint work.there are may different patters and designs to mix and mach to create a ton of unique results @  Here’s how it works. D.

warbird1  1.) Here I’v laid down the negative to the Paint Skin of the old ww2 War Bird. warbird2 2.) I spray some chrome paint.

warbird3 3.) Lay the positive Half of the Paint Skin into negative area I’v painted, lining up register marks. airbrush exposed areas and carefully remove and discard all Vinyl.

warbirl4 4.) Finish with a hand pin stripe and clear.warbird5 5.) buff and done.


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