weird words, remember when reading weird word to stay on the path provided. make no attempts to leave your virtual mind cart parked on the side of the path and wonder off into a distracting foot note that will be nothing close too mirroring a greater fall down the rabbit hole. my name is sketch and this is my take on the super size me on that rubber burner, to do right side drive when it comes too the nuts and soup residing in the greasy  grout between  dirty bathroom floor tiles. its really when the the strawberry pancake batter hits the sizzling skill sect, blasting you upside the head like with a big white wiffl bat, so when you see that choppa comin over the crest of the top edge of a piece of toast golden brown like a ray charles song of the sun. ya betta take cova steer clear or watch your eyelids get ripped from your face exposing your chest  down to the ground as you pound and frown in the anguish of lost desires of paths that should have been taken back to the beginning. and ask buddha how he got so phat.


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