To Seek the Truth.


After the smoke cleared and the wave of mountainous riffages came to an end, one was left with nothing but shock and awe.  If you were a part of the lucky crowd that night  you know exactly what I am talking about.

On Friday September 27th Quaere Verum (to seek the truth) ( seek the truth) celebrated the release of their brand new blistering full length “Ingress” with an all out badass metal show at the Mad Magician in St.Louis Missouri.

Check out one of my favorite tunes “The Houdini Massacre” below:


Prior to QV’s amazing set our ears were graced with some the best metal bands in the land.
Check them out yourself and get your ass out and support local music!


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Musician by Fate, Graphic Design & Screen Printer by trade. I am the vocalist for the metal band Final Drive and lead Printer / Designer at BloodRed Design & Prints. Metal or die bitches.

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