What’s a Paint skin?

My name is Darren Williams and I own and operate THE ORIGINAL Liquid Illusions. A little paint shop on the south side of St.Louis, MO. Im here to tell you about a product I developed called Paint Skins.Paint Skins are a vinyl stencil mask system, for use with most...

Replace or Recharge?

    Battery replace or recharge?    It’s about to be that time of year where the weather is getting cooler and the rides will get fewer and farther between. This is also the time of year that plays hell on our batteries. Higher temperatures will increase the battery’s ability...

Proper Burn out technique

I never get asked all the time about how to do a burn out properly, so here’s the basics if your online googling (sorry Jordan) “how to look cool at your next family picnic doing a sick ass redneck burn outs”. 1.) You wanna make sure you have one...