Proper Burn out technique


I never get asked all the time about how to do a burn out properly, so here’s the basics if your online googling (sorry Jordan) “how to look cool at your next family picnic doing a sick ass redneck burn outs”.

1.) You wanna make sure you have one of the following,

  • A. Well bled front brake.
  • B.  Solid post or wall.
  • C. Three or four stupid friends to stand in front of you holding the front end whilst you give her hell.

2.) Once your front wheel is firmly in place put transmission in first gear.  While sitting on the bike with non shifting foot planted securely on the ground twist throttle about half way and release clutch.

There will be a great deal off noise and vibrations, its ok that’s normal after ya heat up the tire a bit.  Go ahead and run her up a couple a gears and really get that thick blue grey smoke in the air and feel it as you take in deep breaths of that sweet smell of burning rubber.

As a nice side note have hot chick pour whiskey down your throat as you do your burn out.

Other options including have your burnout pyro friend blast the rear wheel whit a little brake cleaner and a lighter.(crowd pleaser at night)

Proper Burn Out

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