Hangover Wheelies

Hangover Wheelie

Hangover wheelies


Every year in the middle of September we gather with some like minded folk in the boot-hills of Missouri at an event known as Lake of the Ozarks Bikefest. Everywhere you looked there were great people, killer bikes, a ton of vendors, and some of the best rides Missouri has to offer. While there is a lot going on around the lake that weekend, the Throttle America / Toad Cove Vender Village is where it’s at. I have done some serious partying in my short stay on this dirtball so far…. but these boys know how to get down! Usually the last night of the event becomes an all nighter. After stumbling out of the Horny Toad Bar at closing, a select few wind up over in the aforementioned Vendor Village to continue the party.

Hangover Wheelies

Hangover Wheelies

This is where our boy Colt comes in. Colt is a true rider; This guy lives on his bike . Colt and his bike remind me of some old war vet and his trusty mutt sitting on the curb in some ally not giving a fuck. Except Colt is only 23 and his mutt is a 2003 XL1200S. After polishing off a few bottles of Jack and some good Ol’ white lighting (yes we are in the boot hills of Missouri) we all kinda magically wake up in our hotel rooms…. all except Colt. This cat slept on the pavement under his bike until the sun came up a couple of short hours later. The rest of us where stirring not to long after, seeking out food and caffeine. Not Colt! This guy slams an energy drink and fires up his bike…. “Dude where are you going?” I ask…. ” To shake this hangover bro.” Then he rips out of the back side of the lot and cranks up this gnarly ass wheelie down the straight stretch in front of Horny Toads Bar! Two or three passes later he whips back in the lot and says ” You ready to go for a ride bro?”  With my head still pounding and the damn sun being as bright as it is, I respond…”Yeah lets Roll!”

Colton hangover wheelies 2

Colt Wheelies

14 Questions  With Colton 

1. How long have you been riding motorcycles?

Colt: “Since I was 8 years old.”

2. What was your first bike?

Colt:A ’75 Honda Z50″

3. If the Throttle America crew grabbed you by your ankles right now and shook you upside down , what would fall out of your pockets?

Colt: “A pocket knife, .75 cents and Dairy Queen ice cream  token”

4. How many miles due you average on your bike each month?

Colt: “Close to 2k a month”

Sinister Kid: “Sounds like a weekend warior to me. lol… Nah thats some serious miles bro.”

5. What is the most commonly replaced or repaired part on your bike?

Colt: “The damn kickstand”

6. What did you think of the Throttle America / Toad Cove Compound at Bikefest this year?

Colt: “Pretty awesome…. a ton of cool people and a hand full of Kick ass blue collar bikes”

Sinister Kid: “Thanks bro. The Throttle America team ( Steve and Brandie especially) work their asses off making this event happen. So it means a ton to all of us when some one like you appreciates it.”

7. Is there anything you would like to see added for next year?

Colt: ” More hot women and free booze… You can never have to much of that! Ha Ha”

Sinister Kid: ” I think we definitely stepped up the amount of hot chicks this year and will try to top it next year for sure. First round is on me next year bro.”

8. What music is loaded on your mp3 player right now?

Colt: ” some old Waylon Jennings, Slayer, Split Lip Rayfield, Traped Under Ice, Maylene and The Sons of Disaster

Sinister Kid: “You need some Final Drive damn it! It would totally fit in with what you have, some Kick ass southern metal brewed in the mid-west.”

9. Where do you get all of your parts from?

Colt:I do alot of trading actually. I have a large network of friends.”

Sinister Kid:Remember to roll by the shop when your in the area and I’ll hook you up.

10. Have you got any rad tattoos lately?

Colt: ” Yeah I just got my stomach shadded last night. Its an old genny shovel with skulls for exhaust ports.. Its pretty cool.”

Sinister Kid: “Yeah I would say that’s pretty rad.”

Rad Ink

Rad Ink

11. Whats your home address?

Colt: “Uh…Yeah….. I don’t really have one, I kinda just roam around to wherever the party is…. That’s how I found you guys.”

Sinister Kid: “Your making it hard for all the creepers out there. lol”

12.Whats your favorite place to go for a ride?

Colt: “Right now its in Arkansas Highway 7. It’s got a ton of twisties and switch back turns with some killer scenery”

13. Any worthy runs or events coming up that your going to?”

Colt:Yeah I am going to do the Rat Run on the 10-6-13 It should be a good time”

14. Any final thoughts or words for our readers?

Colt:Go ride your motorcycle, they weren’t made to collect dust.”

Sinister Kid: “Thanks a ton Colt for cranking those gnarly hangover wheelies and taking the time to do the interview.”

Photo Credit: RHM on the two black and white wheelie pics.
Sinister Kid

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