Final Drive Releases New Song “Heights”


As independent musicians, life’s grind sometimes slows progress and gets in the way of art but today that is not the case.

Final Drive ( ) released the 3rd track “Heights” from their upcoming full length.   “Heights” is more of a groovy mid tempo track for Final Drive written around a big meaty riff and breaking into relentless double kick drum patterns. The lyrics are written from an antagonist point of view, evoking a step into doom.

Take a moment, shut out the world and crank this one up.

Final Drive Heights

Purchase the track on iTunes

Check out Final Drive’s upcoming tour dates HERE.


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Musician by Fate, Graphic Design & Screen Printer by trade. I am the vocalist for the metal band Final Drive and lead Printer / Designer at BloodRed Design & Prints. Metal or die bitches.

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